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Winscombe Archaeology

This is an attempt to bring together details of recent archaeological advances in the Vale of Winscombe. The area covered includes the whole of the civil parish of Winscombe and Sandford, and other sites within the valley including Star and the settlement below Wint Hill and centred on the village of Winscombe (NGR ST425575). Other work of local archaeological interest will be included where appropriate.

Most of the fieldwork has been non invasive and includes fieldwalking and geophysical investigation, although there has been some small-scale excavation. An index of field names has been compiled and a typology of pottery retrieved during fieldwork has been published. Bibliographic references to published material has also been included.
A view from Winscombe church tower looking north towards the Iron Age hillfort on Banwell Plain (marked by the large tree on the horizon towards the left). The line of the Roman road can be seen crossing the ploughed field below the trees.

Updated April 2012

The record will be updated and expanded when, and as, material becomes available and time permits. This is not intended to be a definitive archaeological study, but an indication of the areas in which work is continuing



Archaeology in the Vale of Winscombe (Somerset)

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